We understand that over time weather and elements take a toll on your home facade. We also provide services to rejuvenate your current steps, driveways, and patios. Home repairs include power-washing, re-leveling bricks, chipmunk damage, re-sanding and more.

Power washing is a good maintenance process.  It keeps staining from dirt, algae and grass clippings at bay. From that point, the homeowner can decide if a sealer is something to consider.  The concrete pavers and natural stone sealer have different sheens, dull to gloss.

Polymeric sand has its limits.  Gaps that are too big for instance wont set a good bond.  Not removing the haze from sweeping prior to setting the sand will result in a dull shine.  Some pavers and stone should not have polymeric sand on it at all due to manufacture orders.  It’s important to know when and where to use it. Polymeric sand is not going to keep algae or moss from forming in the joints.  It will help in keeping down grass but its not forever.