Historical Downtown Lake Villa, IL

Here's a recent job we designed and installed in historical Lake Villa, IL outside of Chicago. Take a look at the images below as we transformed the backyard into a great patio area.

Some details of the job include installation of Unilock Camelot in the sierra color. The steppers to the porch stairs are bluestone full color 2x3 pieces. Surrounding area is bluestone chips on top of landscape fabric to prevent chips from digging and mixing with soil.  The fabric will help in weed suppression.

More images coming soon of the patio steps!

Glencoe Walkway Pavers

In a recent Glencoe, Illinoins project, we removed 2100 square feet of driveway asphalt and installed Holland driveway pavers from Unilock in the rustic red color. The end result is a beautiful and timeless look that sets the house apart from others. 

It took some planning, but we also repaired a flagstone wall and added permeable landscape fabric with crushed rock for drainage. This will hold the test of time, and keep the landscaping looking neat for years with minimal upkeep.

In order to follow code for the front steps, each step must be at the same height. We always ensure our steps are usable and up to codes and standards. This ensures safety and professional aesthetics. A new step was poured and topped with thermal bluestone treads. Lastly, a planter was added to left so the homeowner can place new flowerpots.

In our final process, we installed the Bluestone walkway to break up the maze of pavers from the driveway. Lastly, take notice of the stone that borders the grass keeps grade back.

Thanks for checking it out! Feel free to contact us to do a similar job in your yard.

Spring Season 2017

Now that winter is coming to an end, we are starting to book up for the spring and summer seasons. Call today (847) 997-9463 to reserve your spot to ensure we make time to overhaul your driveway, patio, or outdoor living area so you can be ready for summertime activities.